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It’s been almost nine months since I wrote on this blog and I feel sad to say it. I wish I could wrap myself in a large agbada attire so that my face will be hid from you. Right now, I am on my knees, begging for your forgiveness as this was not the initial plan to go AWOL. I trust you can see the genuineness of my heart and will forgive me.


I have learnt a lesson this year, as a matter of fact, I have learnt several but I am happy to share one with you:You are not the same person that started the year 2022. You are never the same person year in year out. You may not physically change: your weight, height and hips may relatively be the same but a lot of changes happen inside of you that you may not really pay attention to.


Your daily experiences form part of who you are. The things you encounter, the events you are part of, the people you meet and the relationships you keep tend to build your personality. The books you read and the movies you watch also contribute to who you eventually become. You may look at a TV reality show as nothing but somehow in your subconscious lessons are being stored, life deposits of knowledge is being acquired in your mind that would unfold as time and events permits.


Have you been taking this year as other years that will fade in and fade out? Retreat. You are not the same person that started this year. There is something you know now that you didn’t know. You may have a repetition of circles and experiences, but I do believe that the lessons are not the same. You have to consciously sieve out the lessons, declare your desired reality and walk in the path of your dreams.


Let me share a secret you might not know; I started this year as a young lady but as I speak to you I am now a mom. A major reason why I haven’t been able to post was that I have been trying so hard to manage my time as a mom, wife and my career. I look back at how I started the year and I realized that a lot has changed since I started the year. A lot of lessons learnt, my capacity has expanded. Things I never knew I could do, I found myself taking up the responsibilities and thriving gradually. Yes, my life has taken a new shape and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.

The stages of life have lessons embedded in them and sadly some stage may not repeat itself. My overall advice is to live one day at a time but learn from them as your overall being is being changed day by day.

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  1. Adeola
    11 45, Sep 01,2022

    Thanks so much for this super woman!

    • Reply : Thank you for reading too

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