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Why You Need an SS

If I ask you what genetic makeup you most likely desire , I am pretty sure you will mention AA  without delay, ignoring AS, AC and the dreaded SS. Should I shock you? I think you need an SS to go far in life. Did I hear you scream? C’mon do not be scared. I do not mean the popular SS that you will rather avoid. I mean SS that is Staying Strong or should I call it staying stamina.The good thing is this genetic makeup that I am proposing you need is not necessarily hereditary. It can be nurtured from infancy into adulthood.

A whole lot is going on in the world right now. From the disastrous COVID 19 pandemic to the recent pronounced killings of black people in America and then the unfortunate Rape incidents in Nigeria. One may wonder where is the safe place? Is it the home? On the streets?  At work? or even the church? No where happens to be safe now and there is so much fear in the atmosphere.

This is what you need, you need a staying spirit, a staying power and the capacity to stay strong. While there may be so much pain in your family and in the society right now, you need that inner stamina to survive these times. You need that passion to resonate from within and spur you to forge ahead. Guess what? You have it within. As peak would say, It’s in you.

 People are looking for help at all cost: some are calling on government for help. Some are running to islands for safety. I want you to know that in you lies the power to change things from the tablets of your heart. You’ve got to choose to live no matter the circumstance. You’ve got to embrace and conquer the fight from within and then watch the victory manifest outside. Now is not the time to give up, lose hope or stay silent. it is high time we believe in ourselves. It is high time we go on our knees and say a prayer to the immortal God. It is high time to call on the One who is above all things to help us in times like this. It is high time we speak up and call the things we want to see into existence. It is high time we choose the path to live and not die.

No matter how physically and emotionally weak you are, you can stay strong, stand firm and scale through. Develop your SS genotype.

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