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When A Man Is 60

When a man is 60,  there are so many expectations. You would expect him to be a  father and also a grand father.  A producer who has reproduced generations. A man who is retired from paid employment but an owner of chains of businesses & multiple streams of income. You would expect him to be financially independent and emotionally mature.

When a man is 60, you would assume that words of wisdom can be drawn from his decades of existence.You would expect that he knows a thing from all walks of life.. You would expect that he would not make poor decisions or costly mistakes
When a man is 60, you feel he should glide on good morals and honest  behaviour. You would expect him to talk gracefully in a manner that appeals to the senses. You would believe he would be silent where necessary and loud when the occasion calls for it.


What if a man of 60 lacks all of this? What if he is yet to birth any human being from his loins? what if he  is still struggling  to manage his micro finance? what if he still makes unwise decisions and has no moral standing?


Life begins at 40 goes a popular saying but if you fail two decades after fourty should  we not scold you like a child who lost his bearing ?

 Unapologetically  Yes.

Nigeria is 60 but if feels like we are 10 because we have behaved like a child who falls off the staircase and returns to play again without recourse to the pain he felt.


We are 60 but we are risk full because we have allowed personal ans selfish interest dominate the overall interest of the country.


We are 60  but to be pitied  because we look externally not internally for help, forgetting that what sinks a ship is the  ocean that it glides but the water that comes into the ship.


We are 60 yet empty because we do not have blueprints and structures in place to create a positive multiplier effect.


We are 60 without victory  because we have thrown caution to the wind, replacing excellence with mediocrity.


We are 60  replete with resources yet insecurity floods our borders like the seas without control.


Does life end at 60?

Certainly not

60 is just a number you would say, yet it carries six decades.

As long as a 60 year old man  is still alive there is much he can do.. Think about Nelson Mandela who fought against apartheid, wallowed in pain for 27years in prison and became a president in 76 yet he made a mark during his remaining years.

Our Veteran Actor, Kanayo O Kanayo  became a barrister st 58. a feat many would have given up on

We have missed it way to early but we can right our wrong when we decide to

When we realise that the prosperity of our country lies in our hands to carry, through thick sweat, depised sentiments and resilient heart.

When we choose to change, our change will come.

60 but not six feets under the ground



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