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What To Do In Your 20s and 30s


Today, young people all over the world are being celebrated. Celebrated for their age, vigour, creativity, passion and so much more. If you are a youth, you are at a great advantage and I join the world to say Happy International youth day.


Just before we continue, let me ask you. Are you a youth or a fool?


It was the wisest man, Solomon that said in Proverbs that “the glory of youths is their strength…”. What this means is that your competitive advantage is your strength. You have so much power and might to do all that you need to do at this precious and desirable age.  

As a young person, it feels like all odds are in your favour and you’ve got all the time in the world but you’ve got to be careful not to be a fool, living life but wasting time.

In your 20s and 30s what should you do?

Discover purpose: What is that one thing you want to live for? One thing that is what dying for? One thing that is worth fighting for?  Guess what? The best time to discover what you want to do with your life is now. The next best time is today. You will be walking aimlessly without a destination, if you fail to discover purpose

Develop yourself: What skill and competence have you acquired? Now is the time to build capacity. Go to school, read books, learn a trade , learn a skill, just learn something and be good at it. If you do not develop yourself while you are young, you will dance to the tune of the piper when you are old.

Take risks: You can afford to take numerous risk while you are young and learn from it. Time is quite in your favour but not forever. So why not try something worthwhile now. Why not pay the price of burning candles and planning strategically.  Be adventurous. Let your curiosity drive you thinking and trying out things. The risk you fail to take in your young days, will come back to hunt you as you age.

Find love: You cannot deny that your emotions are strongest when you are young. Exploring is good but being disciplined is better. Invest in emotional maturity and find that one person you would love to do life with. Together , you both can make a difference in society.

Network; One undeniable thing as humans is, we are created to interact. "No one is an island of knowledge" ,goes the popular saying. At every point in life, you will need people. Don’t be too shy to make friends and do not also make friends with everyone. Be intentional about your relationships. Network with the right set of people that can propel your growth.

Volunteer: Serve in your local church. Join a group, a reading club, social club or music group. Contribute your own quota towards making sure you give back to the church and society that you belong to.

In conclusion, don’t be a fool who sits down blaming everyone for your shortcomings. Take the bull by the horn and make the most of your youthful days. 

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