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What If I Die Today?


This was my question a few weeks ago when I heard someone close just passed on. Each time I am aware of someone’s death it strikes me. Sometimes it strikes differently, just like it did some weeks ago. He was a young fellow, full of life, a devoted Christian with good morals. Why did he die? Why did God let him die? I asked again.

For days I could not hold my thoughts, I was in grief. I cried, lamented and even asked rhetorical questions. While in a worship program, some days ago, I got answers. The Holy Spirit told me this “HANG IN THERE”. When I heard those words, a glimpse of hope saturated my body and spirit.  I had the sense of peace and calmness in my mind. My sanity was restored in a flash.

What if I die today? What do I leave behind? These questions still rung deep in my heart. Guys, I feel a sense of urgency in my spirit. The urgency to do what is right, to act now. To live intentional. To give my best with every fibre of my being. I am making a commitment to die empty and I choose not to relent. Daily, I intend to take steps that are purpose driven and could impact humanity. What about you? What if today was your last day?


“Hang in there” . These words meant I still have a lot to do before I leave the earth. And I am saying to you too, “hang in there. There is more you could do within the long but short time you have on earth . Purpose is the opportunity we each have everyday to make the world a better place, says Sarah Jakes Roberts. The bitter experience faced when someone dies could serve as a motivation to lead our best lives while on earth.

Find that one thing that can make someone else smile and keep doing it till your last breath. It may probably be more than one but ensure that you are impacting lives during your stay on earth.

My concluding phrase is  “Hang in there”

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  1. Abestman
    06 36, Apr 29,2021

    Hang in there! Nice one

    • Reply : Thank you

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