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I have thrown away the blanket of love

In the island of indifference

I have seen the ugly hands of your silence

Smiling in the deep corners of my eyes

Oh Aliu!

Why have you eaten the stony corns of deceit

At the early hours of the day?

my mouth is bitter from sorrowful thoughts

the birds sung in my peaceful snores

if I had known

I would have prepared my household in anticipation of your arrival

I would have set traps for the rats and killed the cockroaches

There shall be no dirt hidden before my eyes


I realise the cream of passion

Is to be rubbed in the fiery furnace of gold

Tried and tried for clarity of substance

I know not every maiden dance step

Should the eyes long to see

I crave your indulgence, Olu

In case you see Aliu

Tell him, I shall return

With a billion smiles in my bowels

And plates of emotions before my table

I shall drink the waters of joy

Without the helping hands of any mortal

I shall sing

Upon the highest mountain in the city gate


I shall share my dazzling story at nightfall


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