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The Power of One

When I was a child,
I heard about the great exploits of the freedom fighters
So I wished to be at the helm of affairs
Instigating significant progress in our nation.
For over 20 years I have watched governments come and go
Seasons and systems change:
Military, democracy
Rulers, elected and dismissed
And yet my time is to come

I’ve heard complaints from Nigerians
The young, old and children weep
Like darkness at midnight,
Our country is drowned in poverty
Yet money is stacked like garri in sacks
The rich getting richer and poor poorer
Some people say we are far from change but 
What do you say?

I remember Nelson Mandela
Abraham Lincoln
Martin Luther King
Benson Idahosa
Even Opray Winfrey
And Donald Trump of today

Let me talk about Benson Idahosa,
He was one man who rose beyond his fears,
Challenged the staus quo
Prayed like a warrior,
Fought like a lion
And Soared like the eagles 
He shook the world and the rest is history.

I read about a woman whose life was tagged miserable.
She has had five husbands and still counting.
People knew her story and wrote her off like bad debt.
She bowed her head in shame
And lived in denial and care
But she met jesus
And her who life turned around
She became a preacher in an instant
Turning a whole community overnight.

So you hear people say, we need thousands of people to change the world
Perhaps you agree, 
Perhaps not
I feel it takes one man to change the world
Not two, not a thousand
Do you remember
In the beginning, it was just Adam,
Then eve came along
Then Cain and Abel
And the world was formed.
If you can change,
Your family can change,
Your community can change,
Your city can change,
Your state can change,
Nigeria can change
And a difference can be made.
If I succeed
You succeed.
We all succeed
Success begins with you.

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