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I write this post from a place of joy mixed with sorrow. I am super excited for the year thus far and the benefits I have enjoyed but I am in deep pain as I lost a close one yesterday. It was unexpected, unplanned and unimaginable.

It's funny how the events in life adjusts one's perspective and approach to life. Today, I am not going to give you 10 things you need to do before the year ends. I am here to tell you how fortunate you and I really are.

The best 30days of your life is ahead of you.  The  last 335 days of 2022 might have been good or bad; beautiful or sad, favourable or disappointing.The next 30 days is wrapped in flowers of hope and opportunities. As important as planning is, it is dependent on so many factors. Unfortunately, without your breath, you can do nothing. However, there is a supernatural God that is capable of giving you a 365 degree turnaround.

You are privilege to be alive to experience the best 30days left in the year. A dead man has no wish or dream. He has no reason to hope or plan. He has no opportunity to experience anything on earth. He has nothing to say or believe. He has lost it all but you have not. 


Make the next 30 days a period to thank God for each day. Thank Him for year 2022 and the coming year. Pray and speak into the remaining part of the year and 2023.  It's going to be your best 30 days, don't stop speaking, praying and believing in what God can do for you.


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