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Take That Comeback Step

I remember the first time I failed a course; it was not an outright failure, but it could be tagged a failure because my final score was below the approved cut-off mark. I felt bad and dejected. If you asked me what went wrong, I could almost argue that I did not fail. In my sorrow, I did not want to retake the course. I argued that I gave it my all and deserved better. Unfortunately, I had to retake the course. By the time the result was out, I had a 100%. I was not flabbergasted but it was like a proof that the first score was inappropriate for me. Imagine, I never had any opportunity to retake, would I have been able to showcase the result?


How did the first half treat you? Your goals and dreams, expectations and hope. Were they met? Do you have some achievements you can boast of? or was it an emotional roller coaster? If it was not as good as expected, all hope is not lost yet.


Have you ever played a chess game and lost? Perhaps, you felt you secured your King long enough before you used it when you had no other choice. Now, think about how you felt when you lost eventually. Did you feel discouraged? Or did you garner inner strength to play just another round to equalize? I bet the latter was the case. I want you to use that zeal and drive which you used to play the second round to move in this second half of the year.


You need to take that comeback step this second half and that is not a request. It is necessary. Failure is not you and you are not a failure.  If you choose to dwell in the pool of lamentation, your desired result will not spring forth, hence you need to sit up.


Say no to the defeat of the first half. Deploy the instruments of thanksgiving with deliberate efforts. In addition, take that comeback step using the below steps.


  • Do a quick evaluation into the first half. Review your goals in line with your expected result
  • Analyze your successes and failures
  • Resolve to put in positive energy towards your goals
  • Give it another shot using proven methods.
  • Pray for supernatural grace


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  1. Abestman Nse
    10 51, Jul 02,2021

    Nice Piece Dear

    Chidinma Moses
    01 08, Jul 02,2021

    Love love the intro. Beautiful piece👏👏

    Brenda Udosen
    04 09, Jul 02,2021

    It’s inspiring. Nice one.

    08 21, Jul 02,2021

    A very timely article

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