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Say No To Social Media Violence

Imagine waking up one morning to a bunch of insults and negative comments on your phone? How would you feel if you made headlines for a negative trend that you started to gain popularity?

Last night, I had to look up the word social just to be clear enough and I found out that the word social comes from the Latin word socius meaning “friend” ( Social media is an electronic means of interacting and communicating with people and the society at large. Just because it is called social media doesn't mean everyone will be friendly. However, I feel wisdom is profitable to direct.

Over the years, some people have turned the use of social media into a platform for venting insensitive words and manipulating people's thought. Permit me to say this, the fact that people cannot quickly tie a face to your name on social media, does not mean you should become socially foolish and unreasonable. Just yesterday, the tragic news of the death of the youngest and the only female helicopter pilot in Nigeria broke out.  I was sad and emotionally empathetic for the family in grief, though I do not know them personally. I was bewildered to read a tweet of a young man who responded to the news saying “instead of being at home with a husband she’s flying helicopter, this is what you get by the so called equality”. This statement is gruesome and uncalled for. This is inhumanity in the highest form. Sometimes, I wonder why people see social media as a weapon of destruction rather than sharing hope and love.

Let me reiterate this, it is called social media not violent media. Do unto others as you would want them to do to you, that is the golden rule. If you want to trend, please have regard for your name and reputation. Attach dignity and respect to it. Social media is a powerful tool. It is important that you do not let your words lead people to depression, suicide or negative behavior. Ensure that you express your views politely and succinctly. Keep your opinion to yourself where it is not needed.  Let us be our brother’s keeper even on social media.

Be friendly and not socially violent.

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