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Retreat, Don't Surrender


This week has  been a  traumatic week for Nigerians as we watched young innocent lives wasted on the Lagos soil . That scary Tuesday night brought drooling tears to the heart of many. It was barely an hour after I found a place to lay my head after being unable to beat the curfew time due to the unavoidable traffic jam in Lagos. I was so fortunate to get a close location after work and a friend called my attention to the instagram live by Djswitch. Thereafter I saw different terrifying videos that made me weep for my motherland. I saw fearful youths oblivious of what the next minute could do to them. They didn't commit any capital offence but they literally begged to live again.

A lot has happened in the past 96 hours. Lives have been lost, properties have been vandalised and fire has damaged quite a no of buildings.  Where do we go from here? Oliver Goldsmith said " he that fights and runs away, may live to fight another day but he who is in battle slain, can never rise and fight again" We had heroes who fought for a good cause, some of whom are no more today. Do we back out now? Never. The battle is yet to be won. I suggest that we retreat but not surrender.

If our voices must be heard and our dream come to limelight , we have to take a step backward and restrategize. The streets had its advantages but it was short-lived. Now, is the time to look for alternative means of reaching our goal. A leader or a committee would be appropriate. We can start building our plans to gain momentum. A clear cut vision together with an organised strategy will go a long way in getting the Nigeria that we seek. It is time to infiltrate the seats of power and transform It for the good that we seek. With the right set of people,  principles and values a lot can change in a decade.

We have spoken out loudly, the next line of action is to put in some work. Today we may choose to retreat but we do not surrender our goal of a better Nigeria.

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  1. Abestman
    08 40, Oct 27,2020

    This is lovely. Well done

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