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Rape Should Be Treated As Rape

I tried as much as possible to avoid the subject not because I'm not sympathetic or I'm not sensitive but for some reason shouting now may just be like I'm speaking up for want to say something because everyone is.

Rape has never been anything good and will never be.

Few days before this current trending rape incident, a friend of mine, Anita McCauley set out to launch a foundation that will cater to and give voices to the homeless street kids, molested, stigmatized, and discriminated children as well as teenagers in our communities.

The subject of rape was one of those raised and obviously against minor girls and even adult ladies.
As always the case, rape is oftentimes seen to be against women. By further conversation with a "learned" friend, I was told the law explains it as unconsented penetration of the male organ into the female organ which leaves rape to be only defined as one-sided.

It was a case I was building up to speak for, the case of "boys rape". Unfortunately, the issue of #uwa came up and it will be insensitive for me to pop up the boy's rape subject.

But here's my take, no sane human will perpetrate such heinous evil even if the lady was naked before you or clothed to her toes. Whether she was in the right place or wrong place. 

Everyone has the right to their bodies and whatever they choose to consent to or not.

Rape is a crime against humanity and against sanity.

Even a mad man still seeks the consents of a fellow mad woman to make out.


Male or Female, NO TO RAPE.
Every rapist should be punished.


We will talk about the male rape subject another day.

To those leading the campaign not just during this season but at odd times, I commend you and God bless you.



Written by Radiant Ekemini Tom

Photo credit: Alexis Nanmua Dadi

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  1. Crested5
    08 15, Jun 02,2020

    Great post.

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