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It was Socrates who said the unexamined life is not worth living. A few months ago, I gladly welcomed you all to half year 2020. In a flash, nine months is gone and barely three months is left. On Sept 30th I had a burden in my heart. I was a little disturbed and after searching deeply I realized it was a call to stock taking; to evaluate how far I have fared. I realized there is a lacuna between where I am compared to what I planned to do this year. It dawned on me, the need to fasten my seat belt for the last lap.


In a marathon race, you may start at a seemingly slow pace but as the journey draws close, it is expected that you increase your velocity in order to win the medal. We have spent nine long months that was annoyingly slow due to the pandemic and recession lurking around.  This last three months can mean a lot for you if you decide to put in some effort. I know, the journey has not been easy, but life is still on. Take a trip back to January when it all started; those written plans for the year. Have you slept on them? Wake up. Have you given up already? Start all over.


It is possible that your plans can be redirected or completely changed by God. That’s okay. Be sensitive to know where God is leading you or what he is telling you to do. Be flexible enough to adapt to changes in your environment and society.


We still have three months ahead of us, I employ you to tighten your shoelace and get ready to run as fast as never before. All things are possible to him that believe. Just last month, I witnessed a gigantic house built under a month. Perhaps, if you had seen the bare land a few weeks before then, you would not have imagined that such a structure would be concluded in a month, but it was.


Friends, the last lap is here. Get ready to give it your all.


Welcome to the last quarter

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