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Now That July Is Here

Hurray! July is here

So many people have been shouting second half o. second half o.  when will it come? Well it is here o. it has come

Are you among those with high optimism for the second half of the year? Or have you given up on 2020 already?  Whichever category you are in, I have a message for you. First, let me congratulate you for seeing the second half. The fact that you made it this far means there is so much ahead of you.

I will start with the second group of people. I am probably guessing what could have fueled your thought into giving up too quickly. Perhaps the vicissitudes of the first half are still overwhelming you.  It may have been really tough for you and your family, but you know it’s not over, right? Consider a football game. You know how one team plays so well in the first half and probably scores like three goals and you conclude that they have won. Surprisingly in the second half, the game changes, the baton is swapped and the losing team becomes the first and the winner, just like that. Hmm. Yes o. Few minutes to the end, even extra minutes can change the course of a game. Such is life.  Pick up that football and be ready to score goals this second half of the year. The ball is in your hands.

For those in the second category, you are right on track. A positive attitude is the first step to winning. Nothing will be impossible if you set out your mind to do it.
Here’s a little task for us all. Go back to the drawing board, to where it all started this year. Those goals and plans for the year. Do you have some boxes ticked already? If yes, congratulations. If no, now might be the time to look further to determine the next course of action. You might need to also re-strategize. The current realities call for some adjustments. Even the Nigerian government reviewed her budget, so who you ? Honestly, you need to check again if your plans need tweaking or a total overhauling. Be intentional about this new half.  Decide what you want and expect  so you can have a driving force throughout the year. Give it your best shot and if you fail along the way, try again. I am sure you will be better fulfilled for trying than folding your hands. 

Guess what? We are in this together so let us sail through the second half with all of our strength.

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  1. Okweni wisdom
    02 51, Jul 01,2020

    Great lesson dear. Thanks

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    Isioma Ifejiokwu
    02 54, Jul 01,2020

    " Even the Nigerian government reviewed her budget, so who you ? Honestly, you need to check again if your plans need tweaking or a total overhauling." U made me laugh here. The whole write is reviving. Honestly, one need this kind of energy-injecting, hope-reviving and Destiny-resuscitating piece. Thanks alot. Your thought brilliantly articulated. More ideas!

    • Reply : I appreciate the feedback
    03 51, Jul 01,2020

    Awesome write up. Am Proud of the woman u are becoming.

    • Reply : Thank you

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