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More Than Me

If all you ever want to do is to live life just for yourself; you are myopic 

                                   -ESTHER OSEJI

The recent death of the Black Panther Star, Chadwick Boseman revealed how one could give out so much in a short time for the benefit of others. Chadwick was diagnosed of colon cancer in 2016 and within four years he was able to live beyond his pain and struggle. He created footprints in the sand of time. He will indeed be remembered by many for his good works.

Do you know that you are not a product of a selfish vision, whether biologically or spiritually?
 Every mother upon conception has this vison of a beautiful child who will bring a change in the world. At least that's what I think. Maybe I could better put it as, most mothers believe in a positive fate for their child/children even yet unborn. They imagine how their child will grow up to be someone of inestimable value. A world change agent. Someone spectacular and of great admiration. Once the child is born and becomes of age, the young child decides the path to take. Although parenting plays a huge role in the child's outcome, much of the work still resides with the person involved.

Life is beyond growing from a child, to a young adult, to a parent and then an older adult, an aged person and then death. You were created for more. God gave you life so you can live for the benefit of mankind.

What are your aspirations and dreams?

I've heard someone say that "I want to make a lot of money so I can eat what I feel like eating, travel to any location of choice and enjoy all that life has to offer. As beautiful as that sounds, it is too limited and self centred. 

What are you living for?

One good pointer of a purposeful life is a life of servitude to humanity.  A vision to change the existing state of affairs; to help a certain group of people; to lead and take over territories; to add smiles to the faces of others; and so much more.

The value of your life is the impact that you create during your stay on earth.

On discovering purpose, 

-Determine to live beyond yourself. 
-Decide to lead a legacy that has significant impact on others. 
-Purpose to be resourceful and productive.
- Use your resources to help others rise creating multiple chains

Live purposefully. 

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  1. Abestman
    06 17, Sep 08,2020

    Nice piece

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