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Market Without Walls

Do you sometime feel you are not relevant because there are several people out there who do what you do? I have been there, and I know how horrible such a feeling can make you be. I had a lot of esteem issues growing up, I shared some of them in my article “We didn’t choose to be Nigerians”.  I was not comfortable in my own skin and worth which made me seldom appreciate myself.  But the fact never changed. My opinion and obscurity did not erase the fact that I was worth something. I just could not see it.


No one is a monopoly of ideas. God created the market without walls for us. Imagine the ever-growing population of about 7.8billion in the world at present. Would there be people who have similar ideas to yours? Sure! We all can do the same thing but dominate differently. That’s the idea.


Have you sat in a class where two different instructors take a course material at different intervals? Do they always sound the same? Most likely not. They may be teaching the same topic, but they will not deliver alike. There will be differentiating attributes. That’s what makes us unique.


The master planner created the market without walls. A market where your skills and talents are not restricted by bricks and mortar. The world is large enough to accommodate several kinds of YOU and small enough to recognize You as You. The next time you feel like not publishing that article, think twice. The next time you try to escape releasing that album, sleep over it. The next time you decide to discard that artwork, look deeply. The next time you ignore that business idea, research again.


Tell a friend about the market without walls. Funny enough, it comes with no price. You pay the price of selling when you choose to. Don’t give up on your dreams. Launch out.

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