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Letter To Those In 2020


The tables are turning

The game is shifting.

The train is changing direction. 

2020 introduced the word, “new normal”. Things that seemed almost impossible before is now being embraced. The likes of work from home, online meetings, webinars and so much more has become predominant in 2020. Let me ask you, are you moving with the GEN Z’s?

 Innovation is the key to success.

Sustainable innovation is the only way to be competitive.

What have you changed about you in 2020? Are you waiting to return to normal?

Here are six things you ought to know in 2020:

Add to education: Going to college is beautiful but your degree is not enough. Don’t limit yourself to classroom knowledge. Start applying your courses to real life use.

Keep reading: The world is changing daily and if you stop reading you will lose track of the future.  Equip yourself with useful information for the present and the future.

Think digital: For entrepreneurs, you’ve got to think of smart ways of doing business with ease and efficiency. Discover the perceived need of your customers and deliver them. Leverage on technology for your business. 

Be creative: One door closes another one opens goes the popular saying. Don’t shut the door to success with one failure. You ought to recognize opportunity and be creative in your delivery. 

Drive excellence: If you settle for less, you won’t go far. Be good at what you do. Choose your competitive advantage wisely.

Manage your time: Can you imagine we have about four months left in 2020? That is how fast time flies. Ensure you live your best per day, making the most use of it while you can.

2020 is here

2020 is leaving

Read my letter again till it sinks deep.

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