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One of my values in life is Excellence. I strive to be the best in what I do and I leave no room for complacency. About last month, I got the inspiration that being the last could be better than being the first. Don’t get it twisted. I will explain what I mean.

Let me take you to the bible. In Matthew 20, Jesus tells the story of a CEO who owned a company and hired employees at various hours of the day, with the earliest being 9’0 clock and the latest being 5’0 clock..  At 6’0 clock. It was close of business and pay time. The CEO paid all employees the same amount irrespective of the time employed. You see why I wanted to be the last? Just kidding though. 

In the story, the CEO gave the terms and conditions for employment, I assume this to be an offer letter of employment (modern day parlance) which was accepted by the employees. The offer letter stated the amount due the employees and only those who worked within the conditions would be eligible for a pay. So, was the CEO right or wrong?

 “ I want to be the last not the first” . Yes I am serious about it. I want to remain consistent to my commitment. I want to remain relevant irrespective of the time that I start to pursue my dreams. You will agree with me that most times it’s not the first company to start an initiative that stays longer in business or earns the highest profit. Others may replicate same idea and improve on it and if you do not remain creative and innovative, you may be the first but not the best in the industry. The last person could end being the first; the most preferred, the best choice. 

The summary of it all is consistency. Are you consistent in the pursuit of your passion, dreams, Christian race and so much more? Did you start so strong, got discouraged along the way and decided to quit? Is the zeal as ignited as when you first started? Being the first is just as important and staying on course till the end. People may envy you or applaud you when you start something new and innovative but if you allow the joy to engulf you beyond the work you are called to do, you may lose it all. Your relevance is as good as the result you continue to churn out year in year out.

I want to be the last not because I am slack towards my goals but I want to have an enduring success. Success that can stand the test of time. I want to make heaven and I want God to say I am a good and faithful servant.  If you have not developed any passion, you can start today but make a decision to remain consistent.

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