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This has been running through my mind. Hmm...Perhaps, not mine. Could it be you?
Oh! sorry,   No blame game today.


Someone asked me recently if my silence for two months plus was because I got sick of writing. Guess what my answer was?


Will there be times when what you love to do suddenly fees like a cliché? Perhaps , Yes. There are days you will wake up with so much energy and enthusiasm and there are days you will barely have the drive to start a thing.  One thing you can hold on strongly to is commitment. Commitment and discipline should drive you to stay put amid discouragement and apathy.


Was that the case for me? No.


Before you think I am about to give you a truck load of excuses, please pardon me. 
To be honest, I never got sick of writing I just got too busy to create content and post. Work became like a big box I could not offload daily plus planning a wedding was huge. Apologies guys, I got married last month. It was pretty demanding combining all though.


Guys, quarter one is gone o. Your goals are valid. Do not sleep on them. Just the way I have returned to writing, please go back to the drawing board and start pursuing that goal.


See you guys in my next post.

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  1. Abestman
    08 34, Mar 31,2021

    Welcome back. We can'wait to read more from you.

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