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How To Delete The Panic Button

How do you handle negative situations? Do you find yourself always in panic or depressed mode when you hear bad news? Chill! Let me help you to protect your mental health.

I was like you a few years ago, still on the journey though. Naturally, I try not to let things get to me, I avoid it at all cost. When they do, I may have unpredictable reactions.  For instance, if I hear a negative news, my best bet is to shut down so as not to think about it. I push it aside as though it never existed or happened. The day it finally dawns on me, I can be in tears, weeping the whole day or week.

There are people who analyze and overanalyze situations. When they hear or perceive things to be bad , they start analyzing, like they want to even predict the worst case scenario. They worry and worry into the future as though they can see it, Oga, chill na. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with doting your I’s and crossing your T’s but when you overdo it, it can overwhelm you and drain you. I love being organized; I love to know the end from the beginning.  When things do not go as I plan, I can get agitated and disturbed so I am also talking about things that I face as well. What happens when things go haywire? How do you come out of the distorted mode?

 For close to two years, I have been in a school. A school I was forced into by someone bigger than me. My impatience necessitated my impromptu enrollment into the school. One of the most important things I am learning is how to Rest. How not to have it all figured out sometimes. How to choose to trust the invisible God to do visible things in His time. How to lay aside burdens when they become overwhelming. 

When negative news come, do you need to panic or ignore it like it never happened? No!  Let me share some tips that has helped me over time. My first touch point is my reflection journal. I have this journal where I document important instructions and prophecies over my life. From that journal, I get encouraged cos God’s promises to me reminds me of where I am headed and not where I am.   Another option I use is the option of talk to a friend and it has always worked for me. Do you have someone reliable you can talk to that helps ease your stressful/down casted self? I hope you do cos it will go a long way to avoid panic. The call a friend option has never failed me. I just simple go into isolation and have a conversation with my friend, The Holy spirit. I weep with him and share my pains till I end up with strength to move on. It is easy to talk to a physical friend but they may not always be available or as consoling as the Holy spirit.  Also, I try Music, music heals my soul. It is my mumu button. Whether I am down, angry, sad or depressed, once I begin to listen to some quality music, I feel better. Finally, I confess positive words. I ignore what I see and speak forth what I want to see in faith and hope.

This is not an easy journey but it is doable. Don’t dwell too much on the negatives. It looks real but what is more real is how you respond to it. 

Delete that panic button intentionally.

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  1. Crested5
    04 35, Jul 07,2020

    Nice one Dear

    • Reply : Thank you
    05 17, Jul 07,2020

    Impeccable timing

    • Reply : Thank you for the feedback
    Anulika Azubike
    09 41, Jul 08,2020

    Thank you so much Esther! This is what I really need at this time.

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