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Follow Your Instincts

Many years ago, I was still a teenager, I saw a movie called August Rush. It was the story of a young boy who was trying to find his parents through music. Music was something he knew he had to do, it flowed naturally from within. And through music, he was able to put smiles on many people's face. His parents were music icons and fortunately they produced their own kind. The young boy called August Rush by his employer was determined to do all that it takes to find his parents. Through his inner calling which is music, perseverance, continuous improvement, his dream came to pass and he found his parents in the end.


Today, about the purpose matter, we will be looking at what I call "Follow your Instincts. Instinct is like the inner knowing or revelation of something. it is an innate feeling that compels you to take certain action. Instincts here will mean being self aware of what you are to do. 

So I have these questions? What do you gravitate towards? What would you naturally be drawn to do without compulsion? What gives you pain that you wish could be corrected? What gives you joy when you do engage in it? Those are likely pointers to what you are called to do. You see, your purpose should not be something that someone instructs and forces you to do. It could come natural.. There is this leading from the inside that propels you to know what you are born to do. Your instincts can drive you to your passion and purpose.


You may be an undergraduate just trying to get a degree certificate or you may be a working class youth with a fat pay check at the end of the month and yet you may still feel like you were created for more than you are doing. There is the music in your mind calling you to something deeper. The direction is real and the melody is sweet but you are just too scared or busy to dance to the rhythm of your heart.


There are some things that your instincts may be telling you to do. Maybe it is helping someone to overcome depression or taking a business decision that could solve a pressing problem. It could also be a nudge that builds overtime to something massive. God uses our instincts to direct us on how to lead productive lives and we should not ignore it. Try to listen gradually till it becomes amber and clear.


You have to awaken and activate your instincts. Maybe you haven't been listening. Maybe your adversity did necessitate you lead people in a certain light but you are refusing, too shy to tell the world what you've been through for fear of being mocked. C'Mon snap out of it.Consider Oprah Winfrey, she had a rough teenage years yet she rose up from the cage of shame. She let her pain drive her to set up the Oprah Winfrey show just to reach out to people all over the world. She used her pains to lead people to victories. You too can do same.


Amassing wealth is sweet. Being a celebrated billionaire can be worth looking forward to but what will you gain after you have pursued money without purpose? You were created for more. it's in you. Everyone has got an instinct. If you follow that inner leading, that inner knowing, it will lead you to your purpose. Listen to that inner voice today.

Follow your instincts.

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