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Fake scars

If you take a close at me, you will notice that I have a scar on my left leg. The scar was as a result of a motorbike accident I had in 2018. It was a traumatic and painful experience that I will never forget. The scar is a constant reminder of what happened to me. It may be indelible but it is completely benign.


You may be suffering from verbal abuse, emotional abuse, failure, defeat and any other negative trend in your life. I want you to look away from the negative experience. You may remember every aspect of that day, how you were hurt deeply and wept bitterly. You may still remember all that transpired but I want you to see it as just a memory and nothing more. I do not mean to be mean. I do not intend to take for granted your emotions and feelings. I do want you to know that you are in control. 


The scar may be visible but it is a façade. Words may have been pronounced, events may have occurred but it is not a true representation of who you are. So, you may choose to accept it or ignore it. Scars are there to prove a point, however, they can be a turning point for good. Do not accept the ugly picture that comes with scars, the picture is obsolete and should be discarded . Meticulosuly design the colourful expectation of your desires. 

I am constantly in battle with my mind as sometimes my inner mind feeds me with lies about my past. I see myself anticipating another failure or defeat because I have experienced it several times. For every time, this thought comes, I insist it is untrue. I often send those thoughts away immediately. You need to violently reject fake scars. Tell yourself, never again. You will not fall for the trap of that cruel person, event or experience. You will rise up and fight for all the good things that you desire. You will live above your fears and pains. You will smile again.


The year may be ending in about 60 days. Yet, you can push forward. The scars are not real. You are the real deal.

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