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Over the weekend, a new word popped up in the relationship circle, “entanglement”. It trended all weekend and I guess you must have heard the whole story about how it all began. I must say that love is a beautiful thing and to love intentionally is a choice. To love genuinely is divine, and you need to know God to truly love.

It was Myles Munroe that said that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Purpose therefore precedes usage. The decision to say “I do” implies that you have chosen to be entangled with that one person without resort to other people. Willfully or unwilful resort to other people is not an option. It becomes an option when you chose to give room for it. Whatever you feed, is whatever will prevail. It takes two committed people to make it work. Not a half person or one and a half, the two whole people must be willing and ready to put everything required to make it work. Why will you want to be entangled with a third party when you are already entangled with one person? The bible says, “the two becomes one flesh”. The template for marriage was set by God for two whole individuals. Let the purpose drive your everyday activity.

Whatever outcome you see today, started some time ago. That beautiful marriage you admire was two people’s effort and the one failing began with a step backwards. As the popular saying “Rome was not built in a day”, so is every great or destructive act. You ought to be careful of distractions and trojan horses. Also, be deliberate about your decisions and actions. There is no gain saying that humans are fallible, and mistakes may be unavoidable sometimes. The onus is on us to not remain in destructive acts. Once you realise that you have erred, pick up your cross and leave the spot. Do not remain entangled because you feel there is no other way out. Learn to forgive yourself and forge ahead. The past or present can birth the future based on whatever decision you make out of it. 

If you are unmarried, try to make sure you are whole and ready for the whole marriage game. Your single years is when you build the character and habit for the married life. Develop yourself, know yourself and love yourself so that you can be an asset to your marriage.

Marriage is not for entanglement.

 Say NO to entanglement. 

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