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Democracy in Nigeria@ 21.

Happy Democracy Day Nigeria. it's been 21 years of democracy and almost 60 years of independence and sovereignty. Almost 60years since our colonial masters left the driver seat for our leaders to direct. Happy Democracy day once again. Should i say, happy? what is there to be happy about? the roads are still deplorable , electricity epileptic. our schools are worse off than when we were under colonial rule or military rule.  Should i talk of governance which have become a looting ground? or the economy which is nothing to write home about despite our numerous natural and mineral resources? is there a reason to be happy, if i may ask?

The problem is there is no working structure in Nigeria. Governments come and go with little or no impact. No policy duly implemented. No manifesto of change. Instead, it is a game of thrones; one party against the other. Building and destroying at intervals. The educational curriculum is so poor that it forces one to just cram and pour on exam day. What happened to research and development? What happened to grants for businesses? What happened to the freedom to air our opinion without fear?  We've had misplaced priorities over and over again. I still cannot fathom how renovating a building would be of more priority than health and education. 

How did we get to this point? How did we become so entangled with corruption and ethnicism in our affairs?How come we see black and believe it to be white? How come we celebrate mediocrity above excellence? How come experts and talented people are more recognised internationally than at home? why the uptick in flights to foreign lands over our motherland?  This decay has eaten too deep into the system.

The change we need is not only in governance. It is in every area of life and it will take us all to make that change. Starting with your vote; vote rightly, stand for the truth. Let objectivity be your watch word. Promote justice and do not pay blind eye to injustice. Give in your best wherever you are and  whatever you do, ensure you leave no stone unturned. Finally Pray, it sure goes a long way.

Happy Democracy Day. Nigeria is our country. Let's keep the hope alive. 

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  1. Abestmam
    07 10, Jun 12,2020

    Happy democracy day.

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