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After listening to a lot of people use the phrase, “Cut Soap For Me”., I decided to give my take on it.

A lot of people have had their positive and negative connotations of the term   “Cut Soap For Me” but I feel there are about  two fundamental factors that need to be considered. 

Cut Soap For Me is a Nigerian Slang that is used when someone wants to know the secret of another person’s sudden success. I use the phrase sudden success because if a pattern of success has been observed, there would be no need to use the phrase, “Cut Soap For Me”. The pattern would speak for itself.

The two fundamental factors I feel should be considered are : Contentment and Willingness. These two factors in my opinion should be considered by the person who asks the question “abeg cut soap for me”. My analogy is based on the premise that the inquirer is genuinely interested in knowing the secrets to success in a legal and legitimate way.

Let me break the two parts slowly.

Contentment: my first question to you the inquirer is “are you contented? Contentment is key because, if you are envious of someone’s success you would not mind to go to any length to achieve that feat. Are you contented with your current level? Notice the word “contentment” as opposed to “satisfied”.  To be contented means you do not feel incomplete or negatively disadvantaged. To be satisfied means you are comfortable with your current level. The latter does not produce sufficient zeal to pursue greater things.

Willingness:  The second factor and question is “are you willing” ? Are you willing to give your best to attain the height you desire? Are you willing to endure sleepless nights and lengthy deliberations? Are you willing to research purposefully, undergo trainings so as to fulfill your goals? Are you willing to pursue consistently despite barriers and disappointments? Are you truly willing to do what it takes and not cut corners? Is your motive to pass through shortcuts without due process? Is your motive to beat your contemporaries and trample on their feet? 

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong in knowing the secrets of people success but be careful to ask the right people and to follow the right process and patterns. Committed and persistent work pays off: get-rich quick schemes are rip-offs (Proverbs 28:20Msg)

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  1. Abestman
    05 46, May 13,2021

    Nice piece

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