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Boy Meets Girl : Male and Female Bias

Boy meets girl or girl meets boy. Which do you subscribe to? I know a school of thought believes that the boy should meet the girl, that is be the initiator, propose to the girl, she accepts and then they start the happily ever after journey. Another modern school of thought believes the girl can  approach the boy for friendship or relationship affairs.


Let’s go to the bible my sure reference point. Taking a cue from the first man, Adam and his Wife, Eve. Who met who? Was it Adam that went to Eve or Eve to Adam? Is there a laid down rule that states the man must propose first?


Okay guys, chill. We are not quarrelling.


Instead of focusing on who should meet who first, can we look at it from another angle? 


There is a word between the two words I spoke about earlier, “Meet”. You’d agree with me that the central word here is the "meeting". I am of the opinion that what we should focus on is the “Meet” part. With the internet and technological age, meeting someone has improved beyond physical meet up or match-make date. Social media, and mobile phones have made it easier and simpler to meet people. “Bad belle” people will say who chats first or who calls first? Calm down, it’s all a gradual process.

All these stories I have been explaining points out to the fact that no relationship can start without a “meeting”. Where, how and when you meet may be your deciding factor or out of your control sometimes.


How would you want to meet your spouse? Where would you want to meet your spouse? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section.



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  1. Gaga Amangbo
    09 46, Apr 13,2021

    Irrespective of what the modern school of thought says, I'm still of the opinion that boy should meet girl. They can both agree on the location but initiation should be done by the man because he is naturally the hunter. Taking the bible which is reference for all things, Eve didn't go to meet Adam, she was made by God and Adam was called to meet her. The chase is usually the thrill for men, so I prefer to leave it to them. When and if the chase leads to marriage, I'd definitely play my own role.

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