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Beyond SARS

In less than one week after the nation, Nigeria, celebrated her independence from her colonial masters 60 years ago, a new movement was birthed; the END SARS movement. The movement which was spurred by few Nigerians who had faced injustice in the hands of the Special Antirobbery Squad (SARS) has grown into  full-blown protest nationwide. The actual incident that lent impetus to the outrage occurred on October 3, in which a video surfaced online where SARS had allegedly shot a man and drove off in his car. It is sad that the Nigerian police who are expected to be protectors of lives and properties are the ones being accused of killing indiscriminately.


In my opinion this is beyond police brutality. This is a protest by people who are tired of the status quo in the country. The youths who are the champions of this protest have been treated unfairly. Since March 2020, universities have been shut down due to pandemic. It was only recently that universities were allowed to open but most universities are still shut due to the ASUU strike which has lingered for so long. 

Imagine young entrepreneurs being faced with changing laws and policies regarding businesses with inadequate funding opportunities. To find a good job at 26 after graduation is also not feasible as it is a survival of the fittest/ Man- know-man game. The unemployment situation is appalling.


In September 2020, both electricity tariff and petrol price were increased. Food inflation has been on the rise and the devaluation of Naira has worsened the situation. Nigerians need an overhauling of the whole system. We need good governance with the barest level of corruption. We need a functional judicial and legislative system. We need competitive salaries for law enforcement agencies to discourage bribery and corruption. We need positive reforms to drive the change that we seek.


I see a revolution. No longer will we accept injustice without a fight. No longer will we fold our hands to draconian laws. No longer will we hide our voters’ card under our pillows during elections.


 The youths have risen. Nigeria will also rise. Do not keep silent. Join the force towards a better Nigeria. Most Importantly, pray for Nigeria. Yes we have prayed in time past but do not cease to pray. The supernatural will always be ahead of the natural.


God bless Nigeria.

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  1. Anne
    11 35, Oct 14,2020

    Thanks Esy...This piece here summarizes it all! ❤❤❤

    • Reply : Well stated sis,we are awake now. We say yes to positive change.

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