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Beyond 2020


How does December sound in your ears?


We've gotten to the last month in year 2020.



I guess it's too late to wish you a happy new month 

Please forgive me. I wrote this article Dec 1 but I had challenges uploading . I had to tweak it a bit to suit the present date.


As I mentioned earlier, December is here.

I can imagine what could be going through your mind now.



The year we felt like the world was going to end. We saw the good, bad and ugly yet we are still standing.

If you are reading this post, I need you to lift up your two hands and say thank you to God.

As the year gradually fades away,  be more prayerful, be more sensitive and be more strategic.

This is not just a congratulatory post but a wake up post.


Yea, we made it. We survived and we are grateful.

But we must look beyond 2020.


No matter how beautiful some plans you may have for this year, you are limited by time. We have about 23days left to 2021.

How about a stock count? A reevaluation of your life thus far?

How about you look at the goals you set for the year 2020?
I know it was an unprecedented year but do you have lessons learnt?

Is there anything you will do differently in 2021?

Good news!

You still have 23days to decide what shape you want the coming year to take.


Twenty three days to plan for the 365days ahead.

Start now!

The time is now

Not tomorrow

Today, make it count.

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