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About 72hours ago, tons of messages flooded my timeline on my social media accounts including text messages.

Guess what they all said? Happy New Year. But they were wrong. 2021 is not necessarily a new year, it has existed before. It is not new at all, so why wish me a happy new year?

This question popped up on my mind since yesterday. Why do we scream happy new year in January. Is it really necessary?

2021 is not different from the previous years. We still have 52 weeks and 365 /366 days as the case may be. We still have 7days a week and 24 hours per day. The calendar remains the same. What then is new about the year? 

Perhaps, it is the euphoria of changing calendars that instills the desire to celebrate a new year. Sometimes, the fact that one is still alive motivates people to wish others happy new year. To be honest, I am not against a happy new year messages but  you have to be qualified to use that phrase.

Be confident to wish people a happy new year when you have new steps, strategies and road maps to fulfilling purpose. Be excited to call a year new, when you would do new things.

What do you intend to do differently this 2021? Do you have goals you have set or will set OR  are you leaving things to chance?

Do you know that the pandemic might not be eradicated as soon as you think.

Have you also factored the changing atmosphere in your plans?

A new year provides  a blank calendar page and an opportunity to write every wrong and change your story. Be deliberate and intentional about your life this 2021. The year needs you to indentify certain dates with remarkable events. It is what you put in it that it will produce. Just like the computer’s language of garbage in garbage out.

Proper planning and execution is key to every successful project including a supposed new year.

Take this action points seriously and start planning now.

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